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After taking driving lessons at Diazoni Driving School in Amstelveen it is time to take the theory and driving test.

Get your driver's license. How does it work? Once you have taken lessons at Diazoni Driving School in Amstelveen, and only when you are completely ready, it will be time to take the theory, and then the test. To get your license you must take a theory test and a practical driving test... and of course pass both. We will help you not only with that, but will also get you started by giving you some useful information.

Your theory test

The time has come: you have to take the theory test
Driving School Amstelveen

What happens at the test centre?

Make sure you arrive at the test centre at least fifteen minutes in advance. Sign in at the front desk. You will be asked to show your ID, so make sure you bring valid proof of ID with you. You will then be told the number of the table where you will be sitting your test. Use of mobile devices is not allowed during the test. At some test centres you will be given access to a locker where you can leave your things.

What is the theory test?

Your theory test takes about 45 minutes and consists of multiple choice, yes/no and open questions. For each question you will be shown a traffic situation on a large television screen. In each situation you have to imagine that you are the driver.

The theory test consists of 2 parts:

  1. Hazard perception

You will be given 25 questions about hazard perception. You will be given 8 seconds to answer each question. That might not seem very long, but on the road you often have to think quickly! To pass you have to answer at least 13 questions correctly in this section.

  1. Traffic regulations and awareness

You will be given 30 questions about traffic regulations and traffic awareness. To pass you must answer at least 35 questions correctly in this section.

In the classroom or individually

The theory test can be taken in one of two ways, either in a classroom with other candidates, or individually, under the supervision of a theory test centre invigilator. However you sit your test, the questions are the same.

The result

You will be given your result a few minutes after you have finished the test. You will be told whether you have passed or failed and how many questions you answered correctly in each section. This information is particularly useful if you have failed the test. It will show you your weaknesses and where you need to focus. Have you passed the test? Congratulations! We will register this for you in our system. The result of your theory test remains valid for 18 months, so make sure you pass your driving test within that time.

Study tips for your theory test

Make sure you know the subject matter well, so you are not in for any surprises during the test. How you study is up to you, of course, but we are happy to lend you a hand with iTheory to help you prepare for the test.

  • In addition to your practical lessons, you can also follow iTheory’s theory lessons with us, which will considerably increase your chance of passing both tests.
  • Learn the theory using a theory book. You can buy these books from us, from a bookstore, or from publishers of driving resources. There are also CD-ROMs available.
  • Take an online course and practise. There are several websites that offer such courses.
  • All traffic regulations and the meaning of all road signs can be found online on the website of the Dutch Government

Study material by iTheory is available for purchase from us.

Your driving test

Once you have had your lessons, you will be ready to take your test.
driver's license

Start of the test

The driving test takes 55 minutes. Make sure you are present at least 15 minutes in advance to allow you to calmly prepare for the test. Your own driving instructor from Diazoni Driving School can sit in the car during the test and be present at the final interview with the examiner. Remember to bring a valid ID and the ‘Self-reflection’ form of the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR).

What happens in the driving test?

You are introduced to the examiner, who will explain what will happen in the test. You must then submit the ‘Self-reflection’ document, which you will discuss after the test. The examiner will check your ID and whether you have passed your theory test.

You will be given an eye test in the car park. You should be able to read the license plate of a stationary car approximately 25 metres away. After the eye test, the examiner will ask a few questions before you start to drive. The examiner will ask, for example, about the dashboard symbols and how to check the oil.

You will then start driving. For 10 to 15 minutes you will drive by yourself to a particular destination. The examiner will assess whether you can drive safely and independently and take sufficient account of other road users. 

The key aspects of the test are:

  • starting out
  • driving on curved and straight sections
  • your behaviour near and at junctions
  • joining and leaving traffic
  • overtaking and changing lanes
  • your behaviour near or on special road sections
  • special manoeuvres


During the test you will have every opportunity to show your skills. You do not need to perform the test flawlessly. It is about the overall picture. The most important thing is how you respond to other traffic and whether you are in control of the situation.

In short, the examiner will assess whether you possess sufficient knowledge and skills to participate independently and safely in traffic. 

Amsterdam; Diazoni Driving School

The result

Straight after your test you will find out at the test centre whether you have passed.